Oakleigh of Macomb is a senior living community in Macomb with occupational therapy and physical therapy programs for residents. We incorporate both into our RENEW Wellness Program, helping you to move around safely indoors.  

Our physical therapy, occupation therapy, and wellness programs are designed with you in mind. But first…

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What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is the treatment of various illnesses, conditions, and injuries with physical methods. These methods include specially designed exercises, equipment, massage, and exercise techniques rather than harsher methods (surgery, drugs). There is no need to resort to these harsh measures to regain your physical abilities. 

There are 5 sub-specialties of physical therapy:

  1. Pediatric
  2. Cardiopulmonary
  3. Neurological
  4. Geriatric
  5. Orthopedic

How long does a physical therapy session last?

Physical therapy can last as long as you need it to, and that’s the beauty of our RENEW program here at Oakleigh of Macomb. We will work with you for as long as required. Normal physical therapy sessions at senior living communities last for 30-60 minutes each, and they occur once a week or more depending on your situation and preferences. As you grow and improve, the length and frequency of your sessions should change. We’ll continue to teach you new techniques so that your body can heal. 

How long should I continue to do physical therapy?

As we said, the duration will depend on your personal situation. Our RENEW wellness program will help you figure out your PT goals. As your condition changes, we’ll help you adjust your plan accordingly. Soft tissue usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to heal, so your physical therapy program could last that long. 

Does physical therapy hurt?

Physical therapy should not hurt, and it will be safe, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Since PT addresses areas of the body that have been injured or experience chronic pain, you might feel sore after doing the simple stretching exercises. 

How can physical therapy help me?

Our physical therapy program aims to help you improve your mobility while reducing any possible pain that you may experience. Physical therapy is essential for three key aspects of the recovery process: rehab, treatment, and prevention.

What is occupational therapy?

The purpose of occupational therapy is to treat injured or disabled patients with the use of everyday activities. The therapeutic use of these activities allows patients to recover and grow. That way they can one day possess the skills needed for working and for activities of daily living. 

What is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy?

With our occupational therapy program, we focus on helping residents in senior living communities better perform activities of daily living. On the other hand, with our physical therapy program, the focus is on helping disabled residents move their bodies. 

Which type of therapy is more important for me?

Physical illnesses and conditions can impair gross motor function. Under these circumstances, physical therapy is often preferred. 

However, if you’re trying to improve your physical and cognitive skills so that you can find more meaning in your life, then our occupational therapy program activities are available for you. 

What is the focus of occupational therapy?

While physical therapy, as the name implies, focuses more on physical aspects, occupational therapy is broader. OT focuses on helping people with cognitive, sensory, or physical ailments.

Our occupational therapy activities will help you become as independent in life as possible. Achieving independence will also help you find greater meaning in your life. 

What kinds of activities are covered under occupational therapy?

Since the focus of occupational therapy is on helping people with many different ailments, the therapeutic activities are quite varied as well. 

Unlike several senior living communities, here at Oakleigh of Macomb we offer a full spectrum of mental, psychological, and physical exercises to help our residents perform activities of daily living (ADLs). The people who are helped the most by occupational therapy usually have disabilities, serious injuries, or mental health issues. All of these can interfere with physical and cognitive functioning. 

How can occupational therapy improve mental health? 

Keeping occupied is a key part of occupational therapy, and this is what our RENEW program is all about. The mental health benefits of occupational therapy come from participating in activities. These activities can be simple or more involved. Some of our residents like to fill in leadership positions in clubs or certain roles that need to be filled at Oakleigh of Macomb.

How can occupational therapy help me?

The people who are helped the most by occupational therapy struggle with everyday activities. Our RENEW program offers activities of our own design to help you improve your coordination, balance, and motor skills. 

And what is the point of all that? The main goal of occupational therapy and our RENEW Wellness program is to help our residents develop and maintain a satisfying schedule of everyday activities. After all, one of the most common issues for people in assisted living is a perpetual feeling of nihilism or a lack of meaning/direction in their life. 

Our occupational therapy program solves this dilemma by providing meaningful activities for residents to engage in every day. These activities include help with personal care routines, volunteer work, and leisure. 

Who are often helped the most with occupational therapy?

Some of the most commonly helped people include:

  • People who have suffered work-related injuries especially to the upper extremity
  • Amputees
  • People with special prosthetics
  • Those who have suffered a stroke or heart attack
  • Those who are permanently disabled
  • People with arthritis or multiple sclerosis 
  • Those who suffer from mental health issues
  • People who have suffered head injuries 
  • Severe burn victims 
  • Those who have experienced spinal cord trauma


Both physical therapy and occupational therapy are critical for most seniors. Seniors are the age group that’s most vulnerable to physical and mental deterioration. Oakleigh of Macomb aims for success and trust in its RENEW Wellness program. You can contact us about it today if you want more information.