If there is one thing that we know for certain, it’s that our nation’s veterans deserve to make the most of their retirement years. After all, they made many sacrifices to ensure that we get to enjoy the freedoms and rights that we have to this day. When searching for a senior living community, they should be able to find a spot where they can really thrive and connect with others. Here at our senior living apartments in Macomb, we understand how important it is for senior veterans to be involved and have a sense of belonging, as well as enjoy a wealth of other great amenities. 

So why exactly do veterans love living at Oakleigh of Macomb? We’d love to tell you! Continue reading to learn more:


Reason #1: A sense of belonging and camaraderie

No matter how long you were in the service, you very likely experienced a higher level of camaraderie with your fellow military members. Whether you were a part of a battalion, ship, air wing, or corps, the friendships you made with the people you served with were invaluable. Odds are good that you want to bring that same energy into retirement, and find people who you can continually connect with. 

Moving to a senior living community is a great way to replicate this level of friendship and bonding. You will live together, eat together, and participate in many activities and outings together as well. Also, you will very likely find other retired service members that you can share stories with and bond over the military experiences that you faced. This kind of socialization is absolutely imperative for older adults, but especially past military service members. 


Reason #2: A thriving residential activity calendar.

Retirement should be anything but boring! In fact, it should be fun and come with lots of opportunities to try new things, participate in clubs and groups, and find joy in the day to day. If you are a veteran who is seeking ways to stay active and involved with the world around you, our senior living apartments in Macomb could be an excellent fit.

A few of the activities that we offer here at Oakleigh of Macomb include:

  • Fitness classes
  • Community game nights
  • Live concerts
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Walking clubs
  • Movie nights
  • …and so much more!

Whether you want to spend your retirement finding a new hobby or cultivating one you never had time to before, our Oakleigh team is here to provide you with support and encouragement. 


Reason #3: Delicious and nutritious dining options.

There is often a stigma attached to the dining services that are available at senior living communities, equating the meals being offered as less than satisfactory and along the lines of an MRE. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth here at Oakleigh! In fact, we pride ourselves on the culinary experience that we offer all of our residents, veterans and civilians alike.

Three times a day, you can enjoy Chef-prepared meals that are prepared from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. These are available in our open seating dining room, or can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own apartment, whichever you prefer. We even have a private dining room where you can host family and friends during special events. Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and you deserve to enjoy each and every meal during retirement! This is just one of the best perks of moving to our senior living apartments in Macomb. 

Two grilled steaks with fresh veggies being served at the senior living apartments in Macomb


Reason #4: Kind and courteous staff.

When moving to a senior living community, you should expect nothing but the best from the staff there. Regardless of whether you require assisted living or you need memory care services, the caregivers who are there for you every day should be kind, courteous, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Their job is to provide you with assistance in a wide variety of areas, including helping with daily living needs, checking in throughout the day, and overall, being a friendly face you can turn to. Each resident is different and we strive to meet you where you are. 

For some veterans, an elevated level of medical care may be required. That is why our team has implemented a 24/7 emergency response system on top of having round the clock awake staff. Your safety and well being is always our number one priority. 


Reason #5: On-location amenities.

One of the hallmark traits of a good senior living community is the ability to stay on location and still have access to all of your favorite amenities. Here at Oakleigh of Macomb, we proudly offer an on-site bar and bistro, a health and wellness center, as well as a salon and spa. This means that you can get out and about from your apartment but not have to hassle with navigating away from the comfort of the community. 

For many veterans, this is an ideal quality to have in a community, as it is quite similar to life on a military base. The accessibility and convenience that on location amenities provide is unmatched. However, Macomb, MI is a beautiful city, and should you want to venture off of our grounds, you will be just minutes away from excellent shopping and dining options. 


Make the Move Today!

As a veteran, it’s important that you don’t settle when it comes to choosing a retirement community. The sacrifices you made and the dedication you showed is invaluable, and you deserve to make the most of your golden years. For those who are searching for assisted living options or memory care services, consider our senior living apartments in Macomb.

Don’t just take our word for it, however! We invite you to contact us today and schedule a time to take a tour. View our community for yourself, check out our apartment floor plans, inquire about our activity calendar, and ask any questions that you may have. We are confident that once you step foot onto the campus at Oakleigh of Macomb, you will find your next home.