The sun provides the energy necessary to sustain the majority of life on planet earth. For humanity, sun rays travel through the atmosphere until the rays are weak enough to provide vitamin D, improved mood, higher qualities of sleep, stronger bones, and lower blood pressure. When it comes to the best assisted living in Michigan, our team at Oakleigh of Macomb believes in the natural healing powers of safe sunbathing.


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The Power of Vitamin D and Improving Mood

The rawest form of vitamin D offered is through the sunlight. Supplements, vitamin D lamps, and tablets offer great sources as well. Vitamin D from the sun results in an improved mood simply by spending a little time under some rays. For double the effect, a walk can be taken for 15 minutes or more outside. Through exercise and vitamin D provided through the sun, a significant increase in mood may be experienced. It is also important to remember to use sunscreen to block out harmful UV rays.

With so many sugary foods and drinks, unhealthy diets can cause a bad mood. It is important to maintain a well balanced diet as well as getting some light exercise after meals to promote digestion and good metabolism. It is also important to maintain adequate blood sugar levels. Vitamin D helps with improving mood and mental health in conjunction with a healthy diet. By going outside to walk, exercise, or just spend some time in the sun; depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues can be better managed.


The Power of Sunlight and Improving Sleep

Sunlight has been shown to improve sleep quality. Sleep quality improves due to the stabilization of the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is how the body takes note of sleep patterns, and the sun plays an important role in this. Typically the body is awake and functioning for 16 hours until rest is required for approximately eight hours. This, in turn, uses the entire 24 hour period. By getting enough sunlight, this time span can be used properly to regulate sleep. Serotonin is a chemical that gets secreted during the sleep process  and is found not only by the brain but the intestines. Many struggling with mental health may also experience inconsistent sleep patterns. Stable sleep patterns are important as the body will know when to rest and, more importantly, secrete serotonin, which combats depression, anxiety, and more.


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Sunlight, Vitamin D, and Stronger Bones

Along with calcium, vitamin D improves the strength of bones in the body. Diseases such as rickets and osteoporosis often use vitamin D and calcium supplements to fortify bones. The older that we become, the more our bones break down and recede in strength. It is important that as we age, we continue to fortify our bones using vitamin D, calcium, and exercise. Weight-bearing exercise is helpful in fortifying bones, but seniors but use caution and only perform such exercises under supervision to avoid injury.


Mood and Reduction of Blood Pressure

Sunlight also helps reduce blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force it takes for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. It is important to understand how to maintain the heart by putting less stress on it. Reducing the amount of work your heart does can be achieved by staying within recommended body mass index measurements and limiting bad cholesterol. Walking at least 2,500 to 5,000 steps a day in the sun can provide a necessary amount of vitamin D to aid in heart health.

Keeping a good mood can be a challenge at times, but with enough sunlight and a nutritious diet, it can certainly be sustained. Positivity is hard to find when stuck indoors, especially during a stay at home order. Even with the best assisted living in Michigan. Open the curtains, let some rays in, and take walks often in natural lighting to boost your energy.