Summer is coming, and that means smoldering hot temperatures that may create sensitivities for residents in senior living near you. With such humid weather approaching, it is important to stay hydrated. Seniors at Oakleigh of Macomb and beyond should continue to drink lots of water and practice some simple warm weather habits to ensure safety.


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Staying Hydrated

It may be worth having a conversation with your doctor as well. It is possible that even lower outside temperatures may cause individuals to experience dehydration symptoms much sooner. The dangers of being dehydrated in the summer include getting muscle cramps, strokes, heat exhaustion, and more. A trip to the hospital can be avoided by making sure to drink up to six bottles of water a day and can be complemented with using a fan to stay cool indoors. To promote air circulation, a fan may also be set up in front of an open window to bring fresh air into the home.


Have a Social Circle

Having a social circle is also beneficial for keeping safe in the summer as a senior. By staying  in communication with neighbors, they can check up on you regularly. This is also true for friends and family that you are in contact with. By sharing ideas and discussing problems, seniors are able to find solutions much sooner. In addition to this, communicating with fellow seniors also helps with the upkeep and maintenance of physical and social health.


The Importance of Summer Apparel

Wearing the right apparel is also critical for seniors in the summertime in order to keep cool. A popular option for seniors includes shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. This combo allows for airflow through the legs and arms. Avoid the use of comforters in the summertime as they can cause a higher level of temperature increase, which is especially dangerous in warmer weather. 

When walking outside, use protectants to cover the eyes from UV damage. Options for this include sunglasses, light-sensitive bifocals, and light-sensitive glasses. All of these are handy protectants from the harmful UV rays the sun releases. Do not let this deter you from taking a walk outside as it is still a good idea to get daily exercise in. This will help with keeping the body and muscles strong and preventing weight gain from a sedentary lifestyle. 


Signs of Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia happens as a result of high body temperatures. To combat this, it is important to have a thermometer handy to keep a record of body temperature. It is also important to drink plenty of fluids to help reduce body temperature. An effect of hyperthermia may include a worsened mood. Take note of mood changes and frequency. This may be a result of significant fluid loss or high temperature. Heavy breathing and rapid pulse are common signs of hyperthermia. Make sure to stay hydrated and keep cool.


Protective Summer Gear for Seniors

It is important that appropriate clothing and sunscreen are used to cover the body and protect it from UV rays. Different sunscreens can be found in department stores as well as corner stores. Sunscreen is definitely something that should not be overlooked when it comes to skincare protection. The sun can burn the skin and cause other complications including skin cancer. 

Another protective measure for seniors in the summer includes wearing hats. By wearing hats, one can be protected from mosquitoes and bug bites. Mosquitoes can carry dangerous viruses and illnesses depending on the region. It is important that bug spray is applied when walking outdoors and participating in other outdoor activities such as fire pits, small gatherings, barbecues and more. 


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Summer safety for seniors is crucial, and by following these steps, possible dangers can be avoided. Do not let warm weather side effects deter you from enjoying your summer. Make sure to be prepared for the possible elements that come with the summer season. Stock up on bug spray, sunscreen, beverages, and light clothing to maximize your comfort in senior living.