If you are a resident at the senior living near me, then you know that winter is still in full swing. Spring may be within reach, but if you’re looking for a beverage to help warm you up, then tea is the way to go. Not only is herbal tea a great choice for staving off winter’s chill, but it also comes with many health benefits that seniors can enjoy, including promoting proper hydration, offering up a wealth of antioxidants, and even reducing inflammation – and that is just naming a few!

To learn more about which herbal teas you should consider, continue reading. Our team here at Oakleigh of Macomb have compiled a list of some of our favorite teas as well as their numerous health benefits.


Chamomile Tea

Right away, one of the best teas on this list is chamomile. Do you struggle with restlessness at night? Do you often find that you are anxious right before bed and can’t seem to get to sleep? While many different factors can contribute to insomnia and anxiety, if you’ve never tried chamomile tea as an all-natural remedy, it could be a great place to start. Chamomile tea has been used for many years to help relax the body and promote better sleep quality

On top of that, chamomile tea is also known to help naturally lower blood sugar. While it cannot be used as a substitute for your prescription diabetes medication, it can aid in the reduction of blood sugar. A few other great qualities of chamomile tea include working as an anti-inflammatory and helping with the relief of cramps.


Ginger Tea

For centuries, ginger has long been used in Eastern medicine for its medicinal properties. Notably for its ability to help with stomach pains or digestive problems. In fact, when you were sick growing up, you probably drank ginger ale to soothe your cold or flu symptoms. Think of ginger tea like the ‘grown up’ version of ginger ale.

In addition to being a great digestive aid, ginger tea can also help reduce inflammation. This is notably important for seniors or older adults who struggle with joint pain or arthritis. Weather conditions such as rain and snow can exacerbate these issues, so looking for an all natural remedy such as ginger tea can be very helpful. 

Also, when you drink ginger tea, you are enjoying additional health benefits such as improved circulation and immune support.


Green Tea

Are you in need of an all natural way to feel more energetic, but aren’t a fan of coffee? If so, then green tea is the right choice for you! Once again, green tea has been used for centuries all across parts of Asia to help improve brain function and get a natural dose of caffeine. It contains less caffeine than coffee traditionally does, so it’s an excellent option for those who are monitoring their intake or simply desire for a lighter dose.

Did you also know that green tea is known to reduce an individual’s risk for cancer? Green tea is chalk full of antioxidants, which are necessary for protecting your body from free radicals. If left unchecked, free radicals can do any number of damage, including playing a role in heart disease, cancer, and more. For residents of the senior living near me, the benefits of green tea are invaluable.

A senior woman at the senior living near me holding a mug of tea and smiling


Rosemary Tea

Odds are good that you have used rosemary as a seasoning in your favorite chicken or lamb recipe, but have you ever enjoyed rosemary tea? If not, you are missing out! Rosemary tea has many great health benefits, including aiding in digestion, reducing inflammation, and even playing a role in reducing your risk of cancer.

For seniors with an elevated concern for developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, rosemary tea may be worth a second look. That is because this powerful herbal tea can actually enhance memory retention and recall as well as prevent brain aging. Brew a cup of rosemary tea every day and begin to keep track of any noticeable changes to your memory and recall. While this tea won’t serve as a cure-all, every little bit helps!


Eucalyptus Tea

You don’t have to be a koala to enjoy the benefits of eucalyptus! While this herb is often noted due to its aromatic scent, this tea will do more for you than just give off a pleasant smell. Like some of the other great teas on this list, eucalyptus tea can assist with reducing inflammation in the body and help with lowering blood sugar. Though it does have a few unique traits, such as providing respiratory support and having antibacterial properties.

For seniors who struggle with respiratory issues such as asthma and COPD could benefit from regularly drinking eucalyptus tea. Talk to your doctor about adding this herbal tea to your daily routine and get their input prior to starting. Even for those without these types of medical concerns, eucalyptus tea can be a delicious warm beverage to enjoy throughout the cold winter months.


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