Even though winter is on its way out, it’s still vital that seniors prioritize their health and wellness. One of the best ways of doing so is to prevent illness from cropping up in the first place. As you age, it’s only natural that your immune system gets weaker and you become more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu. However, there are measures you can take to bolster your immune system and in turn, keep yourself from getting sick. If you are a resident at one of the assisted living facilities near me, then you will definitely want to keep reading to learn more about these five all natural ways you can improve your immune system.


#1.) Soak Up the Sunshine

It is no secret that Michigan winters can be pretty cold, but it is important to find ways to soak up the sunshine. The sun is a great, all natural source of Vitamin D, which can do wonders for boosting your immune system. As the warmer days of spring approach, see if you can take at least a 15 minute walk outdoors around your community. Because Oakleigh of Macomb is a pet-friendly senior living community, walking your dog could be a great excuse to get out in the sunshine. Or, you can simply grab a friend and catch up!

On the days that winter is still driving in its heels, find a window to sit by for a little while. Enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, or chat with other residents while still getting to spend time in the sun. Not only will this give you a dose of Vitamin D, as mentioned above, but it will also do wonders for improving your mood and shaking off the winter blues.


#2.) Participate in Regular Exercise

Maintaining a healthy body is essential to warding off illness and keeping yourself in top shape. Exercise can play a key role in doing exactly that! Don’t worry, you don’t have to do intense cardio or weight lifting to have it count as exercise. In fact, according to research, even if seniors walk for 15 minutes three times a week, they will naturally improve their immune system. This is because walking can increase the number of white blood cells in your body, which are responsible for fighting off disease and infection.

If you need help staying active, then becoming a resident of Oakleigh can certainly help! Our community offers up a diverse resident activity calendar. Go on group walks, participate in a yoga class, sign up for Zumba, and so much more! Here, you will find many different activities you can participate in that will allow you to stay active and involved, all while bolstering your immune system. 

A senior woman working out with light dumb bells


#3.) Make Time for Rest and Relaxation

Your golden years should be the most relaxed and laid back time of your life. After all, you’ve retired from your career, your children are grown, and you’ve earned every opportunity to unwind at the assisted living facilities near me. Now is your chance to make the most of it! Chronic stress can do a number on the body, including weakening your immune system. Here are a few ways you can keep calm and combat stress:


Meditation and Yoga:

Taking part in yoga and meditation can be an excellent way to relax both your mind and body. The point of this activity is to focus on breathing, find your center, and let go of your stress. You can find a class on the activity calendar or look for an informational video on YouTube.



Do you need to vent out your feelings or frustrations? Journaling can do wonders for relieving stress and helping you process your emotions. If there is something you are struggling with, such as grief or stress, try writing about it. There is no right or wrong way to journal, simply pick up a pen and notebook and start jotting down your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Try doing this once a day or a few times a week and see how you feel.


Practice Self Care

When it comes to the concept of self care, you just need to find the practice that works best for you. For some, going to Oakleigh’s on site salon and spa might boost their mood and relieve stress. Others might enjoy curling up with a cup of tea and a good book. The most important part is finding a way to reduce your stress so you can focus on feeling your best and improving your immune system.


#4.) Maintain a Healthy Diet

Food isn’t just there to be delicious, it is also fuel for your body. Giving yourself the proper vitamins, nutrients, and minerals you need on a daily basis is a key part of boosting your immune system. Remember to load up your plate with a variety of lean proteins, green veggies, and fresh fruits. Enjoy simple sugars and processed foods in moderation, as eating too much from these categories can leave you feeling sluggish and unwell. 

Oakleigh of Macomb residents have a huge advantage in this area, as you can enjoy eating three delicious and nutritious meals a day at our dining services. Our restaurant style dining features chef-prepared meals that are curated to focus on senior nutrition. If you aren’t yet a resident, know that you are missing out!


Assisted Living at Oakleigh

Are you ready to feel your very best in retirement? Then it’s time to check out the assisted living facilities near me, including Oakleigh of Macomb. Our community is meant to be a place where seniors can spend their golden years as the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. You can expect to enjoy quality dining, fun activities, as well as ample opportunities to rest and relax. 

If you are interested in taking a tour, please contact us today! Our staff is eager to answer any questions you may have as well as help you see for yourself just why Oakleigh of Macomb should be your next home away from home.