Pets aren’t just pets – they are bonafide members of the family! Whether you have a dog, a cat, a hamster, or a goldfish, pets make wonderful companions and add so much to our lives. One of the biggest fears a lot of older adults have about moving to a senior living community is that they won’t be able to bring their beloved pet. Thankfully, for those looking to transition to our senior living apartments in Macomb, you can actually bring your pet with you!

That’s right – Oakleigh of Macomb is a pet friendly community. We understand that having a pet is crucial for maintaining a high quality of life. To learn more about how having a pet can be beneficial to seniors, keep reading! 


Benefit #1: Pets provide social interaction.

Senior isolation is something that many folks worry about. This occurs when seniors shut themselves away from their family and loved ones for various reasons. It could be due to COVID anxiety and trying to protect themselves. Another reason might be because they are beginning to exhibit signs of dementia and are confused or embarrassed. Perhaps they have recently lost a spouse or life partner and are struggling with connecting to others. Regardless of the ‘why’, senior isolation can be dangerous and lead to a wide array of health issues. 

While senior isolation can be a very legitimate concern, having a pet can help a lot! Not only does your companion provide someone to talk to and confide in, but it also creates ample opportunities to meet new people. For example, you could make a new friend while sitting in the waiting room of the vet or at the check out of the petstore. Or your beloved pup could help you strike up a conversation with other visitors at the dog park. You never know who your pet could help you connect with!


Benefit #2: Pets give seniors a renewed sense of purpose.

Many seniors struggle with a sense of purpose once they are retired. Raising families and building their careers were their central focus for so long that once that comes to an end, it can be difficult to know what to do next. While some older adults seem to settle better than others, one of the best ways to help ease the transition is by getting a pet.

Pets need us to live. They need food, water, attention, love, healthcare, and exercise. If you are someone who enjoys routine and taking care of another living being, then getting a pet is a wonderful solution! After all, you have to stay on a schedule for feeding, walks, trips to the vet and groomers, and so much more. Pets can really help to provide seniors with a renewed sense of purpose.


Benefit #3: You will always have a constant companion.

If being an empty nester has you feeling lonely, then it might be time to adopt a pet. Dogs and cats are especially wonderful companions because they tend to be quite cuddly and affectionate. If you have ever had a dog before, you know that they are prone to follow you from room to room. Plus, there will be times when you don’t want to be alone but you don’t particularly want to be with another person.

When you move to the senior living apartments in Macomb, your pet can keep by your side! Take Scout on walks around our beautiful community or curl up with a book with Whiskers on your lap. Regardless, you will always have a beloved friend nearby.

A senior woman sits with a snow white cat on her lap.

Benefit #4: Pets help you to stay physically active.

While retirement is meant to be about getting rest and relaxation, staying fit and active is still an essential part of maintaining senior health. As we age, health concerns such as heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes become all the more prevalent. It is vital to maintain a healthy weight and take care of our bodies.

It is no secret that pets can help us stay up and moving. Of course there is always taking your pup on walks or to trips to the dog park for a bit of outdoor fun. But even a cat can help you get moving! Grab a cat toy that has a stuffed mouse dangling from a string and keep your kitty entertained for hours. These are also all excellent ways to promote daily movement.


Benefit #5: Improve fine motor skills.

Do you suffer from stiff joints or arthritis? If so, you know how difficult it can be to do tasks that require fine motor skills. Owning a pet, however, can actually help! Think about it – petting your pup, brushing your cat, trimming nails and giving a bath – these tasks all require care and attention. You use your hands to carry out each one. Taking care of these types of tasks on a regular basis can actually work to help keep joints lubricated as well as improve bilateral integration and eye-hand movement. 

If you don’t yet own a pet and are looking to adopt one, now is the perfect time! Pay a visit to your local animal shelter and schedule a meet and greet with various pets. Sitting down one on one with the animal will give you a better understanding of their personality and demeanor. Cats, dogs, bunnies, and other small animals are typically available for adoption. 


Senior Living Apartments in Macomb

If you are on the hunt for senior living apartments that are pet friendly, then look no further than Oakleigh of Macomb. Our senior living apartments in Macomb come with a variety of floor plans to choose from and we have options for both assisted living and memory care. Some of our other best amenities include restaurant style dining, on site health and wellness, an onsite beauty salon, round the clock staff coverage, a bistro and bar, and so much more! 

If you are interested in taking a tour of our facility, contact us today! We look forward to having you on location and showing you just what kind of difference Oakleigh of Macomb can make.