As a senior adult, one of the primary concerns you face is in regards to your own safety and well being. Certain circumstances, namely a decline in general health or mobility issues, can present issues with safely living at home. Tasks such as activities of daily living (ADLs), including showering, dressing, and properly preparing meals, can become challenging. This can take a huge toll on your quality of life and leave you feeling anxious or depressed. 

Thankfully, however, there is a solution! Moving to an assisted living community such as Oakleigh of Macomb can dramatically improve your daily life. Continue reading to learn more about the best senior living near me and the many services and amenities available to residents.


#1.) Security and Peace of Mind

First and foremost, moving to a senior assisted living community means that you have the peace of mind that you are in a secure and highly accessible environment. Anywhere you need to go within the community, whether it be your apartment, the dining room, or the on-location gym, you can rest assured that you are safe doing so. 

Should an issue arise, such as a fall or some kind of medical issue, staff is there to help immediately. In fact, we have a locally monitored, 24/7 emergency response system available to help minimize any of these concerns. If living at home alone is causing you or your family to worry about your health and safety, an assisted living community could be your best option. 


#2.) Assistance From Friendly and Highly Trained Staff

Another positive attribute about moving to the senior living near me is the friendly and helpful staff you will meet. Here at Oakleigh of Macomb, we hire only the best people to fill the positions within our community. Whether they are the staff directly assisting you with ADLs, or they are behind the scenes preparing your food or maintaining the grounds, you are sure to encounter friendly faces at every turn. Our employees are a huge part of what makes moving to our community so special and we know you’ll enjoy interacting with all of our staff!


#3.) Delicious and Nutritious Meals Served Daily

When you become a senior living resident, you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of food you are eating. Instead, you should expect to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals each and every day! This is the gold standard that we strive for at Oakleigh of Macomb. As a resident of our community, our culinary team will keep you on the right track with fresh prepared meals that meet your lifestyle. Not only that, but each meal is served in a restaurant-style setting, allowing you to socialize and connect with friends and family as you dine together. 

A plate of healthy grilled chicken salad

#4.) Thriving and Active Social Calendar

Speaking of making social connections, nothing enables you to feel a part of our community like participating in our residential activities. We are proud to offer a wide number of enrichment opportunities for all of our residents. From game night to cooking demonstrations to live musical performances, you are sure to find something that you love to do! Joining in on these events isn’t just a great way to keep a little excitement in your life, but it can give you a chance to make new friends. 

Unfortunately, seniors with mobility issues or medical concerns can find it difficult to get out and connect when they live alone at home. This can lead to senior isolation and in turn, an increased risk of developing heart disease, anxiety, depression, and more. However, becoming a resident of the senior living near me can fix that! Don’t sit on the sidelines – truly enjoy your golden years at Oakleigh of Macomb. 


#5.) Ability to Relax and Unwind 

Retirement should be all about getting some well deserved ‘R and R’ – rest and relaxation. After all, you have spent the majority of your adult life advancing your career, raising a family, and taking care of your home. Now is your chance to hand over the reins and focus on self-care. Here at Oakleigh, we make it extremely easy for our residents to feel pampered and comfortable. 

For starters, you don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to your apartment. Allow our housekeeping staff to assist you with any maid duties that you might require. In addition to this, we also have weekly personal laundry and linen services available.

It doesn’t stop there, though! To put an emphasis on relaxation, we also offer our residents an on-location spa and salon. While there, you can get your haircut, indulge in a manicure, or opt for a massage. Once you’re done, head on over to our in-house movie theater and pop some popcorn while you watch your favorite film. There are so many different ways you can focus on your personal well-being as an Oakleigh resident!


#6.) Keep Your Pet With You

Last but certainly not least on our list is that you can actually take your pet with you when you move to Oakleigh! We understand that your furry best friend is a beloved member of your family. Not only that, but owning a pet has been shown to significantly improve your mental health and well-being. Having to leave Spot behind when you moved would be heartbreaking! That is why we designed Oakleigh of Macomb to be a pet-friendly community, welcoming your dog or cat as a resident right alongside of you.


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