Transitioning into assisted living can be a significant change in one’s life. Moving to a new place can stir up emotions, especially while navigating other changes such as care needs. Additionally, many seniors may face the risk of social isolation as they age, especially if they live alone or have limited mobility. 

Staying socially connected can have profound benefits for seniors’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Fostering opportunities for seniors to connect with others when they move into assisted living is of paramount importance.

At Oakleigh of Macomb, we are here to ensure that this transition is not just smooth but also filled with opportunities for residents to thrive and connect with their fellow seniors. We take great pride in creating an environment where seniors can build meaningful connections with fellow residents and enjoy all that our community has to offer. 

In this blog, we will share valuable tips to help our residents connect and enjoy their time in the best assisted living in Michigan.

#1.) Participate in group activities.

One of the easiest ways to meet fellow residents is by joining group activities. This is a low-pressure way to meet your neighbors and bond over similar interests.

Oakleigh offers a lively community calendar with a wide range of activities including fitness classes, game nights, cooking demonstrations, musical performances, and more. No matter what your interests are, we make it easy to connect with other residents who share your passions and build friendships through shared hobbies.

#2.) Relax with fellow residents.

One of the perks of assisted living is having the time and ability to unwind. Take advantage of the many amenities our community has to offer and relax with your fellow residents!

Indulge in a spa day with friends and get pampered at our salon and spa or get comfy in front of the big screen at our movie theater, complete with popcorn and refreshments. 

#3.) Utilize common areas.

Our common areas are designed for interaction, whether with fellow residents or visiting loved ones. Spend time in areas like the clubhouse, bistro, and pub where you can engage in conversations, play games, and make new friends.

Our amenities are carefully selected to ensure that residents have easy access to not just the services they need, but the perks that make life enjoyable. Oakleigh is the best assisted living in Michigan for a reason. We’re more than just a place to stay – we are a warm, inviting home and a close-knit community. 

#4.) Dine together.

Our open dining area is not just for delicious meals; it’s also a perfect place to connect with others. Sharing a meal with your neighbors is a wonderful way to strike up conversations and build friendships. Whether you are joining friends for dinner or indulging in a late lunch after playing lawn games in the courtyard, you will enjoy freshly prepared meals featuring locally produced ingredients. 

Our private dining room also offers a great space for you and your family to host life celebrations, and even work with our chef to create a special menu for your occasion! Homemade meals, theme dinners and more help create the personalized culinary choice for our residents to enjoy!

#5.) Explore common interests.

Although we provide a variety of activities, you are always welcome to create your own clubs! Whether it’s art, gardening, or book clubs, connecting over shared passions is a great way to build connections.

Our community events are a great way to break the ice. After bonding with other residents over shared interests, simply ask if they’d like to meet routinely to continue the conversation. Before you know it, you’ll have a weekly walking club or monthly book discussion to look forward to!

#6.) Take advantage of concierge services.

We understand it can be daunting to put yourself out there when joining a new community. That’s why our Hospitality Coordinator is here to welcome new residents and provide support as you transition into a vibrant, carefree life at Oakleigh!

Whether you need extra support as you transition into the best assisted living in Michigan or a friendly face to help you with a reservation, let us set the appointments, send the correspondence, or just be your professional organizer.

#7.) Attend social events.

We regularly host social events and gatherings, such as movie nights, live performances, and themed parties. These events provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere to meet new people.

Whether you want to attend upcoming events, talk to other residents and families, or meet the Oakleigh team before you make the move, RSVP to the great happenings we have to offer. Contact us to sign up for upcoming events, or to get on our mailing list to stay updated on what’s happening next at Oakleigh.

#8.) Take advantage of outdoor spaces.

Our beautiful outdoor spaces are perfect for enjoying fresh air while connecting with fellow residents during pleasant weather. Enjoy a picnic on the lawn, play lawn games like bocce ball, or simply relax in the courtyard.

Our outdoor spaces are also the perfect place to socialize and stay active with fellow fitness enthusiasts. Gather friends for a group yoga session in the peaceful outdoors or start a cardio club that utilizes our scenic walking paths.

A group of seniors having a picnic at the best assisted living in Michigan

Discover the Best Assisted Living in Michigan

Staying socially connected as you age is important for maintaining physical health and emotional well-being. It also helps create a community of new friends and people you can turn to as you transition into assisted living and this new chapter of life.

By following these tips, you’ll find it easier to connect with fellow residents and create lasting friendships. At Oakleigh, we believe that a thriving community is built on the bonds formed between its residents, and we are committed to providing you with the best assisted living in Michigan.

If you’re looking for an assisted living experience that focuses on creating a warm and inclusive community where seniors can flourish, Oakleigh of Macomb is the place for you. Our amenities and services are carefully tailored to ensure you not only have the assistance you need but also the opportunities to connect and make the most of your golden years. 

Contact us today to schedule a visit to our community or take a virtual tour online!